Thursday, March 4, 2010

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It seems that some of our customers are becoming frustrated with the Limited Selection of CVID Cheer Cheerleader Videos available from our distributor.

You should know that all of our currently available titles are ready to be purchased at our websites -or up for bid or purchase at our eBay Super DVD center at

Due to very small sales generated by our Promotions Company distributor, we are leaning much more on self distribution at and That's right, we've decided to do the bulk of the CVID Cheerleader Videos work ourselves. So you can count on a Huge Selection, Quick Service and a reasonable (but not heavily discounted) price!

We Welcome back all of our customers that have been settling for a reduced price and very small selection. and possibly will be handling NEW Titles that you'll Never See anywhere else. 100% Exclusive Naked Cheerleader Content, not available from our distributor.

So if you're finding a very limited selection of our older titles to be frustrating, come to for the Complete Catalog of Exclusive CVID Cheerleader Videos titles!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Brand New CVID Cheer Girl Brooke Van Buuren - 18Y/O Cheerleader

Last Week Young Brooke Van Buuren came in to shoot for pace-setting CVID Cheer!

This 18 Year-old Cheerleader Showed us things she never showed her boyfriend! Starting Slow, But Finishing Strong! She's Just getting to Know her Incredible Body!

Be sure to look for her First Cheerleader Video Coming Soon to

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gina and Oksanna#3 Back to Get Naked!

The Long and Sort of it!
Gina and Oksanna have come Back to CVID Cheer to get to Get Naked and Naughtier if Possible!
It's hard to keep Their Bikinis of Cheerleading Uniforms on these two when you get them together at Cheerleader Videos.
Oksanna is well over 6 feet, while little Gina is only about 4'11" Watch Oksanna take advantage and dominate tiny Gina as she has her way with this Smooth Petite Cutie.
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Becky Tarron Is CVID Cheer Girl Perfection!

This week CVID Cheer Met Up with a Gorgeous 18 Year-old Dream Girl Named Becky Tarron!

Former High School Cheerleader Becky excelled at just about everything During her H.S Career. She's now enjoying her Freshman year at a fine local University. Recently she Started Modeling Part Time and attending events as a member of the Delmarva Bikini Team! "I Like To Stay Busy" she Tells us!

With a Mind-Numbing, All-Natural 36DD-26-36 Figure, Becky looked Like Lit Dynamite in All her Bikinis! ...But Even Better, when we Talked her out of Every Stitch for the First Time on Film!

When it came time to Enjoy herself, she knew just what to do. And She was A Step Ahead of our Finest CVID© Cheer Videographer All Day Long!
Look For her 1st DVD and Autographed Polaroids Coming Your Way Soon at and

This Little Dreamboat Is Not To Be Missed!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Follow CVID Cheerleader Video On Twitter!

Think life at CVID Cheer Must be terribly fun and quite Interesting? ....Think again!

Follow The Naughty Hi-Jinx and Generally Dull Goings-On on Twitter, and cure that insomnia Instantly!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

19Y/O Cheerleader Kendra Marie Cook Strips Naked For CVID Cheer Videos!

Wow, As Usual CVID Cheer Always Gets It's Girl!

Blonde, Sexy 19 year-old Kendra Marie Cook has been wanting to shoot for CVID© Cheerleader Videos ever since she turned 18! - And We've Wanted her! ...Well, the stars are finally in alignment and here she is!
Finally Stripped out of her Cheerleading Uniform, and her Bikini and Showing It All off for CVID Cheer! This Hot little Package Turned in one of the Sexiest Performances we've had in a while ....She Is Not To Be Missed!

Her Adorably Sweet Cuddly Voice and Curvy Body will be coming soon to - AND --- CVID Cheer Rules!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valeriya Kushteem Becomes a CVID Cheer Girl

We've been trying to convince stunning 19 Year-old Model Valeriya Kushteem to finally Lose All her Clothing for CVID Cheerleader Videos.

It took a lot of negotiating, persuading and a big stack of CVID© Cash to get the job done, but you'll soon see Valeriya on and some sweet Cheer Clips on

You'll ONLY see Valeriya Kushteem Naked at Cheerleader Videos©